Terry Hayes

Terry has been flying since 1991 when she first received her private pilots certificate. She soon learned tailwheel and float flying in the San Francisco bay and gained more experience flying in the Sierra Mountains and Foothills. In 1998 she bought Norcal Aviation, a float flying service in Angels Camp, CA. For 15 years students could receive instruction for single and multi-engine seaplane ratings, advance floatplane, and mountain training. During this time she was also active as a DPE. 

​Terry is rated in ATP:  AMEL/AMES/ASEL and holds a commercial ASES and private Glider. She is also a gold seal CFI, MEI and active FAA FAASTeam Representative. She enjoys working with the youth and is active with the young eagles program.

Currently Terry flys as an instructor during late fall through early spring in the CA Sierra Foothills, and during the late spring through early fall she instructs on the Flathead River, near Bigfork, Montana, flying a super cub on straight floats for Back Country Flying Experience. She has over 7000 hours and enjoys teaching others the wonderful world of floatplane flying.

Stephan Robinson

With over 26 years of experience and 10,000 hours of safe flight time, Stephan encompasses a broad range of flying. From flying Hang Gliders, Sailplanes, Seaplanes, Ski planes, Aerobatics, and Back-country flying to flying Jets, his passion for flight and knowledge combined with his easy going Montana personality creates a memorable experience to those he flies with.

Stephan is rated in: ATP AMEL with Type Ratings in the CL-604, DA-2000, DA-EASy, CE-750, CL-65, and LR-JET. He holds Commercial in ASEL, ASES, AMES and Glider. He is also a CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G and is a Designated Pilot Examiner. He has instructed for seven flight schools, he instructed in seaplanes, has flown Super Cubs over Yellowstone National Park, he has worked for two airlines, a fractional corporate jet company, and three corporate flight departments.
Stephan’s current positions are Chief Pilot on a CL-604 based out of Bozeman, MT and the Director of Operations for Gallatin Flying Service flying Super Cubs in wildlife tracking over Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area. He is active instructing in tailwheel, seaplane, backcountry flying and gliders. He is also a Designated Pilot Examiner in Seaplanes and Land planes.
Stephan’s love of Seaplanes and the Montana Outdoors brings him to the Flathead Valley to fly Scenic Tours, Instruct in Seaplanes, Tailwheel, and Back Country Flying, and will give Seaplane Check Rides. Come fly with Stephan this summer to experience the surrounding wonders unseen from the ground. 

See Northwest Montana From A Float Plane

Backcountry Flying Experience

Scott Wolff

Airline Transport Pilot
Airplane Multiengine Land
Commercial Privileges
Airplane Single Engine Land
Airplane Single Engine Sea
Type Ratings: A/SA-227

Perry Brown

Commercial and Instrument Rated
CFI & CFII, SEL, SES, MEL, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Ski Flying experience
Total 3000 hours
Flight Instructor SEL, SES, Rotorcraft Helicopter 250 hours
Experience in PA11, PA12, PA 18, PA20, PA22, PA31T, C-172, C-182, C-185, C-206, C-210, Decathelon, Husky, Schweitzer 300, Bell 206
First new float rated pilot of the summer 2012 season
Seaplane ratings in the backcountry of Montana 
Wilderness, Lake, float, big tires and ski plane flying

406-890-3419 email:peter@backcountryflyingexperiance.com

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