Stephan robinson

With over 26 years of experience and 10,000 hours of safe flight time, Stephan encompasses a broad range of flying. From flying Hang Gliders, Sailplanes, Seaplanes, Ski planes, Aerobatics, and Back-country flying to flying Jets, his passion for flight and knowledge combined with his easy going Montana personality creates a memorable experience to those he flies with.

Stephan is rated in: ATP AMEL with Type Ratings in the CL-604, DA-2000, DA-EASy, CE-750, CL-65, and LR-JET. He holds Commercial in ASEL, ASES, AMES and Glider. He is also a CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G and is a Designated Pilot Examiner. He has instructed for seven flight schools, he instructed in seaplanes, has flown Super Cubs over Yellowstone National Park, he has worked for two airlines, a fractional corporate jet company, and three corporate flight departments.
Stephan’s current positions are Chief Pilot on a CL-604 based out of Bozeman, MT and the Director of Operations for Gallatin Flying Service flying Super Cubs in wildlife tracking over Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area. He is active instructing in tailwheel, seaplane, backcountry flying and gliders. He is also a Designated Pilot Examiner in Seaplanes and Land planes.
Stephan’s love of Seaplanes and the Montana Outdoors brings him to the Flathead Valley to fly Scenic Tours, Instruct in Seaplanes, Tailwheel, and Back Country Flying, and will give Seaplane Check Rides. Come fly with Stephan this summer to experience the surrounding wonders unseen from the ground.


lauren dewit

Lauren was born in Montana and started flying in high school in a Cessna 185 in 2008. He attended LeTourneau University on an academic scholarship and graduated with a triple aviation major and high honors. He earned his Airline Transport Pilot's License, A&P/IA Mechanic's License, and all his instructor licenses (CFI, CFII, and MEI) during his time in college or shortly afterwards.

Upon graduating Letourneau University, Lauren flight instructed at University of North Dakota. Afterwards, he flew aerial survey for Google Maps both domestically and internationally, ran operations for regions of the United States and countries, trained dozens of new survey pilots, and performed flight testing on aircraft and camera systems. 

After several years of aerial survey, Lauren saw a floatplane flying overhead in Florida. He promptly walked across the street, got his rating several days later, and started floatplane instructing on the spot. 

Later on, the Alaska bug bit Lauren, and he flew Cessna and Beaver floatplanes for about a half dozen years all over Alaska from the Brooks Range down to Kodiak gaining thousands of hours experience on every type of water imaginable. Some of that water was even frozen. He also flew piston and turbine Beaver ski planes on Denali.

Lauren is now our manager and chief pilot overseeing daily operations as well as being our chief mechanic. He has around 5,000 flight hours and a great deal of maintenance experience. When not wrenching or working on logistics, he finds great satisfaction in showing the best of Glacier Country to anyone he can.


Perry brown

Perry has a long history with Backcountry. He was one of our very first floatplane pilots when we opened in 2012. He is a commercial pilot (SEL, SES, MES, and rotor) as well as a CFI, CFI-H, CFII, and MEI. He has over 4,000 hours experience and is a float and wheeled plane Designated Pilot Examiner. Perry is also building a Piper Bushmaster which he's planning to put on floats and wheel skis.


terry hayes

Terry has been flying since 1991 when she first received her private pilots certificate. She soon learned tailwheel and float flying in the San Francisco bay and gained more experience flying in the Sierra Mountains and Foothills. In 1998 she bought Norcal Aviation, a float flying service in Angels Camp, CA. For 15 years students could receive instruction for single and multi-engine seaplane ratings, advance floatplane, and mountain training. During this time she was also active as a DPE.

Terry is rated in ATP: AMEL/AMES/ASEL and holds a commercial ASES and private Glider. She is also a gold seal CFI, MEI and active FAA FAASTeam Representative. She enjoys working with the youth and is active with the young eagles program.

Currently Terry flys as an instructor during late fall through early spring in the CA Sierra Foothills, and during the late spring through early fall she instructs on the Flathead River, near Bigfork, Montana, flying a super cub on straight floats for Back Country Flying Experience. She has over 7000 hours and enjoys teaching others the wonderful world of floatplane flying.



Topher started flying in Montana and never turned his back. He owns a Super Cub that he likes to take out into the backcountry every chance he can get. In the past, Topher flew amphibious Grand Caravans on the East River in New York City as well as down in the Bahamas. He loves taking people around Glacier Country and showing them all the cool, unique spots of his favorite backyard.


tom allen

Tom is one of those classic aviation guys. He's seen a lot over the years beginning with his time in the US Army as a Crew Chief. Currently he has over 9,000 hours with most of that being around tailwheels and gliders. He has his Commercial AMEL, AMES, ASEL, ASES, and Glider as well as his CFI, CFII, MEI, and CFI-G. He was previously a DPE and used to fly in a Beech 18 on straight floats. He has owned several planes including a Luscombe and a Lake LA-4-200. Tom is one of our key instructors and enjoys flying around Northwestern Montana any chance he can get.


jeff scholl

Jeff started his aviation career at University of North Dakota. Shortly afterwards, he moved to Montana to open up a helicopter drone company taking pictures of everything in the valley. Over the years, his company called Quadrocopters has blossomed into a popular name in the Hollywood circles and larger brands taking him internationally several times a year. When Jeff isn't flying his drones, he flies tours around the area he knows so well. His favorite pastime is to take our cubs on floats and tundra tires into the backcountry in the fall hiking, camping, and taking pictures.