Come fly “The Last Best Place” in Glacier Country Montana. Backcountry Flying Experience offers floats, skis and big tire flying all in one location. We will take you into the Bob Marshall wilderness and all over North West Montana. Learn to fly into some of the most spectacular lakes and rivers in the North West. We offer some of the best floatplane training settings in the US possible with big lake water, mountain lakes, numerous rivers, and advanced mountain flying. Our instructors have hundreds to thousands of hours of float and tailwheel experience around the US and world, so you will get the best instruction possible in a unique backcountry setting.  


floatplane ratings

Come fly some of the best floatplane country in the US. Our unique area provides big water, mountain lakes, and rivers to provide a fun, challenging learning environment based on your skills and needs. Our basic rating course is 2.5-3 days long. It entails ground school and 6 hours of flight including the plane for the checkride. We have several Designated Pilot Examiners on staff. Ask one of our instructors about the course details.

Our advanced course with the basic rating runs 3-4 days long and includes 8-10 hours of flight. We include everything in the basic rating course plus a floatplane crosscountry developing your skills in situational awareness and decision making. We hit 1-3 dozen lakes, rivers, get some mountain flying in, and then usually have a meal half ways through the tour at a remote lodge or restaurant along the way. This course is becoming fairly popular with over a third of our students requesting it. This is definitely backcountry float flying at its finest.

Basic Private/Commercial Rating with 6 hours in the Super Cub: $1900

Basic Private/Commercial Rating with 6 hours in the Cessna 180: $3,000

Advanced Floatplane Course/Rating in the Cub: 8 hours/$2300 or 10 hours/$2,750

Floatplane Currency Package with 3 hours of flight and some ground: $835

Floatplane Dual in the Super Cub: $295/hr

Dual in your plane: $96/hr

Ground: $50/hr

Need 25-50 hours of float time for insurance or a potential float job? Give us a call about block rates.


Backcountry training

The mountains are calling, and we must go... fly them. Montana hosts such a rich stock of backcountry strips, and it's one of our great pleasures to introduce them to recreational pilots. With our backcountry courses, it doesn't matter if you have 50 hours or 5,000 hours. We take your skill set, and safely build it up flying the best areas of Montana while having a blast flying. Our Super Cub has normal tires and tundra tires, so there's a lot of possibilities to go fly and explore Big Sky Country. Let us help plan your next fun flying adventure.

Backcountry training in the Super Cub: $295/hr

5 hour Backcountry Course with ground: $1,400

10 hour Backcountry Course with ground: $2,750


tailwheel training

Are you interested in getting your tailwheel endorsement or more tailwheel experience? Come fly our Super Cub or Cessna 180 with our highly experienced instructors in some of the prettiest country around. We also tailor your training to your needs and situations you'll be flying in. In addition, there is always opportunities to get out to a few backcountry strips as well. Let us know how we can help you reach your goals.

Tailwheel training in the Super Cub: $295/hr

Block hour rates apply over 5 hours.

Ask about our Cessna 180 tailwheel rates.